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Our HR-Approach

ProjectPolis' HR approach of is one of our main differentiators compared to our competitors. ProjectPolis wants to create an open climate with a high empowerment-grade for all colleagues supported via a transparent bi-directional communication approach.

We only work with high qualitative certified Project Managers, in order to be able to serve quality in our core-business to our Clients and to ensure correct Project frameworks and methodologies are applied correctly. Therefore we very strongly support a 'lifelong learning' attitude & embrace our employees' self-development. Because people are our main key asset, ProjectPolis gives special coaching attention and follow-up to our employees in order to be sure they feel happy and have a high fun-factor working for ProjectPolis and for our clients. Every employee has a coach in order to guarantee a transparent soundboard, timely escalation and ensure the quality of the assignments.


The Empowerment-grade for our employees is at the level of co-determination and is conducted based on the following elements:

  • Ability to solve complex problems
  • Self-awareness, Customer focused & building long term relationships
  • Contribution to the constant professionalisation of ProjectPolis
  • 360° peer reviews
  • Choose own trainings
  • Enhance network
  • Importance of making mistakes


As we deliver services in a constantly changing environment, permanent training and lifelong learning is a key performance indicator for ProjectPolis. We want to invest in our people via a constant learning objective, training and certification, in order to be able to deliver the correct quality in different circumstances.

We guarantee that our employees have the correct Project Management Certificates in order to be able to structure and guide their assignments in an accurate, efficient, effective and qualitative way.