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E2E Project-, Program- & Portfolio Management

E2E Project- & Program Management

End to End Project Management aims to guide a company from an Idea to a Post Go-live phase.
Based on our Clients preferences, we help on ‘frameworking’ a project, from guiding to the RFI (Request for Initiation) and RFP (Request for Proposal) stage, to the planning, executing, testing, Go-Live and Post Go-Live phase. This includes also the requirement capturing and structuring via strong Business Analysis know how.

Also clubbing Projects into a Program is our speciality, in order to monitor and implement the different Projects Efficiently, Effectively and Economically.

Portfolio Management

ProjectPolis is ready and able to assist you in translating your Strategic Goals into different projects within a Portfolio.

Via Portfolio Management our clients are able to maximize the added value of their projects via the delivery of SMART Objectives.