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In Company Training

In House Classes

The Project Management Training & Certification courses can also be organised on site at your premises. This is often more efficient if you want to register more people to the same training and if you have the space and facilities available. The main advantage is the flexibel planning of this training. You can plan the training upon the availabilty of your people.

This can be considered as of 6 people and to a maximum of 20 people.

Facilities needed: Meeting room (Classroom set-up, and with potential to organise break-out interactive sessions), Beamer and Flip Chart.

Custom made courses

Not every course achieves the best possible result if given in an predefined standard course. Sometimes the need for training is very specific to the company or sector due to;

- You want to focus on specific topics (eg. Scope Statement, Planning, Risk or Stakeholder Management,..)

- The course is part of a change process

- It doesn’t make business sense to train an entire team in a predefined Course

- You want to go into detail in specific projects or programs you are currently dealing with

-  ...

It is not ProjectPolis that determines the content of the training course. You do, in accordance with the real needs of your organisation. As your training partner we facilitate this process and together with you we compile a learning solution that really encompasses your people’s needs.

To discuss your specific needs, please call Guy Goossens +32 475 93 50 02 or send a mail to info@projectpolis.com.