PMO Set-up & Manage

Sector: Banking and Insurance

As a result of an increased number of projects, a Belgian financial player on the Belgian market required a centralised and structured project management approach. Due to a lack of transparency, prioritisation and structure, projects were running over budget and were not delivered on time. By setting up a central lead PMO (Project Management Office) and introducting a clear consistent project management methodology tailored to the customers’ needs, Projects were delivered better, faster, more cost controlled and with higher quality and cheaper. Supported by the necessary change management process, we succeeded to execute projects according to a clear methodology.

PM Training

Sector: Interest organiszation for enterpreneurship 'the business community'.

This organisation represents the interests of more than 18.000 Flemish entrepreneurs. In collaboration with ProjectPolis various practical formation courses in the area of Project Management were organised:

  • "Basic training: Project Management" provides in 2 half days inside in the essence of project work.
  • "Project management in practise" conveys in 2 days essential Project Management techniques and knowledge areas, needed to manage projects in a structured and qualitative approach.

All our courses are supported with tips & tricks, instruments and templates, as well as practical examples tuned and made as relevant as possible for the trainees. The material can be immediately applied in their working environment.


Sector: Banking (Dutch market)

A retail bank, active on the Dutch market, was acute exposed to a credit risk (bankruptcy) of their IT-retail banking application supplier. Therefore, a big challenge was experienced in setting up a whole new banking operational platform.

ProjectPolis was contacted to manage this budget-, quality- and time-critical project. In addition to a new supplier software implementation, the introduction of new business processes (Procure-to-Pay, Accounting & Order-to-Cash) and a full Application Life Cycle Management were introduced. This project with a critical amount of change effects, required a strict governance with a structured communication plan to get buy-in from all the internal and external stakeholders. Supported by a structured change and risk management, this high risk project became a success, as the retail customers client did not encounter any inconvenience of this change in operational platform.

Infrastructural Enhancements

Sector: Media and Technology

The graphical unit of a big national broadcaster needed to migrate from an outdated IT infrastructure to a high performance Apple hardware platform to stay competitive in this turbulent technological era. Old systems were managed ad hoc and every system was unique, with the consequence of operational risks adn downtime, including potential failure to meet the agreed SLA’s.

After a technical- and functional analysis of all operational tools and workflows, a new multi-platform management tool was introduced in combination with sustained end- user equipment. This implementation was executed in a controlled environment in close and transparent communication to all project stakeholders. We focused also on the end user and organisation benefits. A proper trainingsplan was set-up and givento all impacted stakeholders, in combination with in depth documentation and procedures before the go-live of the project. 

Back office platform migration

Sector: Telecom & Cable Industry

At a major national telecom operator, an inefficient information-distribution to the end-customer needed to be replaced. Due to the complexity of the ‘AS IS’ (multiple vendors and complicated information streams), ProjectPolis was hired to manage this project.

To support the ‘TO BE’ information workflow landscape, new back office hardware-systems were required and a new more efficient workflow was necessary to get information to the end-customers. This multivendor project made it technically very complex and needed to be managed very closely. Meeting the deadlines was very critical, as it had a lot of dependencies with other strategic projects.

ERP-implementations (SAP, Oracle, ...)

Sector: Retail and FMCG

Because of a lot of organisational inefficiencies and lack of transparency of operational and management information, a local retail distributor of industrial pumps made the decision to purchase a new and more comprehensive business process management system.

The previous business system consisted of an accounting-only package and a stand alone CRM- tool to track the sales opportunities. As a result of the these separate, non-integrated systems, the company wasn’t able to accurately and effectively get information across the various business processes.

ProjectPolis was selected to lead this end-to-end project. After identifying the ‘As Is’ and the ‘To Be’ business processes, the next step was to guide and manage the RFI & RFP selection process in order to select an contract the most appropriate application and reseller. ProjectPolis also steered the planning, the execution and the closing phase.

The implementation of ‘SAP Business One’, as CRM and ERP tool, made it possible to bring the organisational efficiencies and automated business processes, in order to provide the proper operational and 360° management information.

In addition ProjectPolis took the lead in the Change Management activities and re-organisation of the business to reach maximal customer centricity. 


Sector: Telecom & Cable Industry

In order to optimize the supplier-invoice flow within the AP (Accounts Payable) department, this telecom partner decided to launch an e-invoicing project in order to introduce a paperless invoicing process.

ProjectPolis started the project management track by building-up the project team with representatives of the key-stakeholders and by helping to define the objectives in a ‘smart’ way (e.g.: Reduce the number of postal invoices by x% by the end of the year in order to reduce invoice handling cost by x%)

Together with the project team the most sustainable solutions were mapped and an approach (IT-implementation, supportive 3th party solutions, ...) was defined to achieve the objectives.

In order to make this project successful, a profound stakeholder analysis was executed (power/ interest matrix). The results of this exercise gave us the opportunity to build-up a tailored communication plan.

Product Launch

Sector: Telecom

Due to the pursuit of continuously improvement of the digital customer experience, a new CPE-device (Customer Premises Equipment) needed to be launched. An important extra business objective was to launch this product under a new business model (VMI = Vendor Management Inventory) in order to optimize the inventory cost.

The biggest challenges for this successful project were:

  1. Vendor-/ risk management
  2. On-time and quality delivery (SME-resources; Product Life-Cycle setup)
  3. Organisational readiness and Go-To-Market (Communication: install, commercial model, after-care)
  4. Budget governance (Finance-controlling: evolution in inventory cost-reduction)
  5. Contractual (align on the VMI-business model to all suppliers, incl. 3th parties)

Shared Service Center Implementation

Sector: Retail Electronics

A worldwide known company in electronics retail business decided to implement a European Accounting Shared Service Center.

We were asked to manage this international project, in a transition management role, with the aim to centralise all accounting functions within Europe into a Shared Service Center.

Steering a team of 13 people, following main objectives were achieved successfully:

  • Migrating local European accounting departments to the shared service center
  • European finance process harmonization
  • Harmonization of business processes in SAP ERP system
  • Pan-European Chart of Accounts
  • Ensure proper change management, by considering people and skills
  • Implement a service management Framework and SLA’s
  • Ensure proper client relationships

Sector: Manufacturing, Construction

A worldwide known company in manufacturing and construction decided to implement a European Accounting Shared Service Center in Bratislava (SK).

We played a role as a transition manager in the area of Cash & Bank, Master Data, Contract Administration and Tender to Cash processes, with the aim to centralize all accounting functions within Europe into a Shared Service Center.

Our objective was to ensure a proper transition of the local entity process and activities to the shared service center by doing a proper scoping, phasing, resource-planning and recruiting, documenting, SLA-preparation, reporting and transition.

ERP Implementation

Sector: Telecom and Cable

A major Telecom and Cable company wanted to move from standalone applications to an ERP Oracle integrated system for its supporting processes.

ProjectPolis played the role as business project manager in order to implement the finance, procurement, supply chain, human resource and service contract processes in this new ERP environment successfully.

Wholesale Project ‘Opening the Cable'

Sector: Telecom and Cable

A leading Telecom and Cable company was regulated to open its cable for other licensed operators (OLO).

As there was no worldwide precedent on this scale and almost no reference cases existed, it was a highly challenging program. ProjectPolis was asked to manage and governance this complex Wholesale Program and to coordinate the activities and of the different internal stakeholder teams (eg. Management, Business processes, Engineering, IT, Pricing, Service Assurance, Finance, Reporting, Legal and Regulatory teams) and external stakeholders (Regulator, EU commission, Lawyers, IT,.). 

Scope of the program was the ability of other licensed operators to use our Clients’ network to supply their customer-base with analog and/or digital signals, broadband and iDTV connection in a wholesale concept.

ProjectPolis executed this program successfully in order that the solution and the processes from our Client were compliant to the regulation, as well as be able to plug in an interested other licensed operator and to receive and handle orders from them.

Project Coaching

Sector: Non-Profit - Art Museum

Customer Testimonial: "The re-opening of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp in September 2019 is a huge program consisting of 57 separate projects, divided in 12 programs: from rebuilding the entire building to moving about 5000 of art works back to the museum, to a national and international communication campaign, to a completely new ICT infrastructure... We hired ProjectPolis to coach our Program Manager in developing and implementing a project organization and –communication and set up a reporting system. Apart from a solid theoretical basis, many templates and pointers useful in day-to-day practice were offered. The process was really satisfying due to the open and client centered approach of ProjectPolis, which allowed us to find a Project Management methodology suiting the specific needs of our organization."